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Exfoliating Indian Peel Butter Back Scrub

indian peel butterThis enlivening holistic treatment draws upon the healing properties of the earth, the bounty of plants, blossoms and herbs, the tradition of Ayurveda , the energies of precious gems and the matchless power of aromatic and exotic oils. Indian Back Peel stimulates vital energy using the essences of sesame, jojoba and turmeric. You will experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation and wellbeing with this invigorating, restructuring treatment.

Active ingredients: sesame, Indian saffron, jojoba, avocado, beeswax.

Exfoliating Indian Peel Butter Back Scrub (valued at $45)

FREE with every Vitamin C Facial (during Spring 2013)


Friends Special

bigstock-Happy-Women-917487Friends Forever – Bring a friend with you when you come for your beauty treatment. If he/she is a new customer, Fran will reward you with a FREE Lash or Brow Tint   ( valued at $20).

Spring Special

Spring Special – Vitamin C Facial – $75

(ALTA) BODEGÓN POWER C+Vitamin C is a key vitamin for good health. It plays a vital role in slowing down the ageing process. For the skin, it provides an anti-free-radical action. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. It also helps in the formation of new collagen, and is, therefore, an important active ingredient in anti-ageing treatments.

With every Vitamin C Facial over the months of September-November (inclusive) you receive either:

  • ­ a FREE Express Manicure (valued at $45); or

  • ­ a FREE Exfoliating Indian Peel Back Scrub. (valued at $45).

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